The Original

The 7001-T6 alloy aluminum arrow is fully assembled with an insert and 4" vanes while also featuring tunable TCX nocks for greater accuracy.

  • Aluminum arrows 7001-T6 alloy
  • Tunable polycarbonate TCX nocks
  • Tensile strength 88,000 PSI
    * Bare shaft weight
5650130"/Black/211712 packN/AN/AN/A
5650231"/Black/221612 packN/AN/AN/A
5650330"/Black/21173 packN/AN/AN/A
5650431"/Black/22163 packN/AN/AN/A

No components available for this product.

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May have found my hunting buddy.
Jul 30 2011

Bought 1 of these to try, as I'm just getting into bowhunting. Have tried several diferent types, and this one seems to have the most punch out of my little PSE bow (30", 60#draw). Punched through a straw bale, and an empty 55 gal drum on the other side of the bale. After tearing through all that, it wasnt damaged in the least. Going to try a few others, but for now, this is my number 1!. Will definitely be buying more of these.


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