Carbon Express® Wins Gold at the 2012 Olympic London Games

Flushing, Michigan: Winning requires desire, skill, decisiveness, and the right equipment. These were the key ingredients wielded this past week on the largest stage in the world. 

The Place: London, England 

The Event: Team Archery Target Shooting - 2012 Olympic Games 

The Competitor: Michele Frangilli - Team Italy 

The Arrow: Carbon Express®

It came down to the last shot to prove which team was the best in the world. A once in a lifetime opportunity predicated on skill and precision. Only a perfect 10 would do. Team Italy shooter Michele Frangilli stepped up to the line and chose his weapon - a Carbon Express arrow. 70 meters in milliseconds seemed like a lifetime. A perfect 10 - a perfect arrow - game over. 

"Our Carbon Express arrow showed once again that our focus on precision allows you to bring your game to a new level," said Rob Reents, Carbon Express' Brand Communications Manager. "Our promise that Carbon Express arrows help you "Shoot Better" in any situation was proven on the largest stage in the world. When the shot counts, Carbon Express® arrows need to be in your quiver."

Whether your sights are set on the gold in target shooting or you're taking aim at that once in a lifetime big buck, Carbon Express is your "go to" arrow. So, when you have the shot of a lifetime, make it count...make it Carbon Express®. 

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